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Understanding conservation and sustainability from a young age is crucial, not only for instilling a sense of care and respect for nature, but also to help educate the youth on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Big cat keeper and author Martin Hill’s latest effort, A Tiger’s Message, is a beautiful children’s picture book aimed at highlighting the importance of protecting rainforests.


The moving story centres on a young schoolgirl who let her imagination bring her into the Sumatran rainforest, during a school lesson. There, she meets a young tiger who asks for her help.


There is an urgent need for all palm oil to be grown and managed sustainably,” said Martin. “Unfortunately, unsustainable palm oil production and use leads to deforestation, pollution, and animal extinction. We can all make a difference by checking labels when we buy from our supermarkets to ensure sustainability,” he said.


“If we all work together, we can make a difference that will affect demand from export, retailers, and factories. Sustainable oil palm leads to more wildlife moving freely, less pollution, and a happier planet for all of us,” explained Martin further.


Sumatran tigers are the smallest tiger subspecies and are distinguished by heavy black stripes on their orange coats. There are less than 400 Indonesia’s tigers today and they are clinging on for survival in the remaining forests on the island of Sumatra along with the orangutans and all other wildlife.


In 2016, a close friend of Martin returned from Sumatra after working alongside the TPCU patrols (Tiger Protection & Conservation Units). He explained the devastation of the rainforest in Sumatra and the impact on wildlife.


Martin was determined to try and help the cause, which prompted him to find out more about the situation, as well as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and how effective RSPO has been in promoting sustainable palm oil production and consumption around the world. Martin’s research inspired him to write A Tiger’s Message to educate the younger generation.


Martin’s message is clear – sustainability is crucial in providing the needs of the present without compromising future generations. “A Tiger’s Message” is a testament to the next generation who are ready to take on the world and create a better future.


“The rainforests belong to all of us, humans and animals too.”


“A Tiger’s Message is a testament to the power of a child’s mind, to the next generation who are ready to take on the world and create a better future.” (Patrick Aryee (Wildlife Presenter biologist)


If we want to continue to see Lions and Tigers in the wild we must look after them. Enjoy reading “Indy meets the lions” and think about their cousins in the wild.(Dame Judi Dench).


All big cats are coming under threat from hunting, pollution, climate change and habitat loss. The Big Cat sanctuary makes an important start with its protected breeding programme. Katherine Reynolds (author)


A truly heart-warming story about a young Tiger called Indy who grew-up with two young lions, brother and sister, Turkana and Mana, at Paradise Wildlife Park. Giles Clark(BBC Wildlife Presenter)


A sweet and lovely story of an unlikely friendship between a tiger and two lions. This is a wonderful introduction for children to the wonders of big cats. Britt Collins (Journalist and Author)


Tigers are becoming extinct in the wild. A world without them prowling through the forest of the night is sadly not unthinkable. Indy was fortunate to have lived much of her life at Paradise Wildlife Park. Enjoy her adventures.
Chris Packham – Wildlife Presenter


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Indy on Jonathan Creek Enjoy her adventures. Indy is a real star.
Stuart Milligan – Adam Klaus in Jonathan Creek


Tigers are an endangered species because of human activity. Sadly, there are more tigers held in captivity than living wild – like Indy, with her indomitable spirit and insatiable curiosity.
Miriam Moss – Children’s author


A very descriptive book filled with colourful pictures and easy to follow text. The Indy Film Star picture book gives a tiger’s view of events, inspired by Martin’s real life adventures with these magnificent animals. Also included are some very interesting bullet point facts about big cats for children to learn.
Jake Wood – Max in EastEnders


Learning to love tigers is the first step in wanting to save them. Indy’s adventure will inspire a whole young generation to get out there and make a difference.
Steve Backshall


Children’s Book Highlights the Importance of Sustainability    

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